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'Where your focus goes, energy flows' Tony Robbins

This morning mindful Monday class was an energizing one, with a focus on twists to supply fresh oxygenated blood to the internal organs which has a detoxifying and energising effect. Twists create spaciousness in the hips, the shoulders and the spine and do you notice the moment you're in a twisted shape, you're awareness is instantly on the breath, in the present moment?

On the theme of energy, the 4th Yamas from the yoga sutra of Patanjali is Brahmacharya in which we can explore where you are directing your energy (this includes sexual/sensual energy) and is this in moderation without excess ? Every thought and action will deplete your energy reserve and the question is, will it contribute to your overall goals, your overall well being? I for one, no longer wake up with a 2 day hangover, consume junk TV, in a state of overtraining when exercising, have set a work/life boundary, limited my time on social media, excessive worrying, ruminations, amongst other things and this has created space and time for me to direct my energy into my hobbies, learning, doing nothing even, just be!

It has taken me a while to get here as moderation and balance is one which I do struggle with however the benefits of cultivating this Yamas has put me in a better place, mentally and emotionally and it all starts with a breath and an intention.

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