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All About Me


I'm excited to embark on this journey as a Yoga Instructor and a Professional Hypnotherapist  and share the wonderful benefits the physical and philosophical practice of yoga  and self hypnosis has had on my overall well being.  The practice of mindfulness and meditation goes hand in hand and my intention is to encourage everybody to practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation in their daily lives and treat themselves to daily doses of hypnotherapy  'Many mickles make a muckle' as the saying goes.


I'd be honoured to be  your guide you and show you these tools you can use to support your well being creating transformational changes within you physically, emotionally and mentally.  

Expect Vinyasa, Hatha and  Yin style yoga flows with a big focus on breath, meditation and fun.

Expect positive changes in your personal reality as I guide you to to find your inner strength and develop a positive mindset enabling you to be the happiest and badass version of you. 


Now is the moment for change.



When off the mat, I'm running along the tube/rail lines with the London Tube Runners, love a good weight sesh where I can feel the DOMs for the next 2 days.  I'm an occasional Goodgymer, ParkRunner, Climber, Knitter, Crocheter 

Leaf Pattern Design


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