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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Big up to the 4 brave souls who turned up for my first proper yoga class at 7am this Halloween (Monday) morning. I’m so grateful for their presence and energy and allowing me to guide them. I was silently hoping that it would be no show this morning and that would be my excuse for why my yoga teaching journey never took off...After the intro's and then getting on the mat the class just seemed to flow. I was just feeding off their energy and it was an amazing experience, totally buzzing! Today’s class intension was ‘contentment’ a practice which I’m currently trying to cultivate as an ongoing practice. I’ve been feeling sad recently due to situations which I’m unable to change, so teaching this today serves as reminder for myself to appreciate what I already have and be ok with where I am, accepting and embracing all that has happened.

So here's what I would like to share for newly qualified yoga teachers about to teach their first ever class.

1) Small group will help build confidence

2) Plan your sequence and practise your asanas, your cues, delivery all day long. Offer variations and encourage the use of props.

3) Have a plan B incase your class is too short or too long

4) Ignore your inner critique and remind yourself why you initially signed up for yoga teacher training.

5) Start teaching as soon as you can once you have qualified, keep the momentum going.

6) You're going to stumble on your words, get your lefts and rights mixed up. it's all ok, just carry on.

7) Let students know that you will be teaching off the mat and so they will know not to follow you : )

8) Arrive at least 15min before the start of class, to give yourself enough time to set up

9) Just breathe, you've got this!

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