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Life, is like a hypnotic trance...a state of deep exploration.

As I stepped off the plane onto the shimmering hot tarmac of Las Vegas, a sense of anticipation/anxiety hit me, I flew solo, was a newbie at Hypnothoughts live... but that didn't last long!

The Hypnothoughts Live conference promised a captivating blend of learning, networking, and immersion into the world of hypnosis. I was welcomed and surrounded by awesome like-minded individuals. I immersed myself in the presentations during the day and enjoyed the shows and a few at the bar in the evening.

The conference was a packed with inspiration, each day brought fresh insights into the potential of hypnosis, not only for personal transformation but also for helping others overcome their own challenges.

Returning to the UK, I found myself grappling with a different kind of journey – one of uncertainty... As I navigate this new terrain, I was reminded of the very essence of hypnosis: the power to navigate uncertainty from within and tell myself things are going to be ok, even better!

  1. Centering My Mind: Hypnosis/meditation offered a way to calm my mind and regain focus amidst the chaos. Ground and centring myself

  2. Positive Reframing: Instead of viewing the situation as gloom, why not see at as an opportunity for growth, learning, and the chance to shape my own narrative.

  3. Visualizing Success: I commit to focussing on potential solutions rather than dwelling on the unknown.

  4. Boosting Confidence: reinforce my belief in my abilities and approach my challenges with a renewed sense of empowerment.

Hypnosis is a tool I'm using to navigate through this path of uncertainty and I also extend a hand to others in need of guidance through their own uncertainties. Follow along to my guided hypnosis session: below: The Upside, let me know if you found this helpful.


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