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I wish I was a mountain...

I wish I was a mountain…. alive and aware with unwavering inner stillness, centred and grounded. Serene and beautiful as it stands in stillness. As the day turns into night and the seasons flow into each other, year in year out with an unaffected, unmovable presence .

You get this pose nailed down and you’ve more or less have the alignment nailed down for the majority of poses.

MOUNTAIN POSE - the mother of all poses .

GETTING IN TO IT: - with full awareness, stand with your feet pointing forwards, hip distance apart. Spread your weight evenly across the 4 corners of your feet . (Hips, knees and ankles are stacked above each other to create a centred base)

-Keep your knees soft (to avoid locking out your joints) Engage your quads, knees caps are lifting. Draw your tailbone (coccyx) down towards the ground. Feel your inner thighs roll in slightly and your lower belly is lifting up. Pelvis is neutral - All very active!

-Lift the chest bone (sternum) to the sky whilst keeping the ribcage neutral . Allow your shoulders to roll back and imagine your shoulder blades are drawing down your back towards your heels. Very relaxed!

-Arms are alongside the body, palms are facing forward, finger spread out wide

Your neck is long, your chin is parallel to the ground (so avoid tucking your chin or lifting your chin) Soft gaze ahead of you.

-Imagine, you’ve grown 2 inch taller as you extended from the crown of your head.

-I want you to feel a sense of lightness in your chest with each inhale and a sense of grounding down to the earth beneath you with each exhale.

WHAT’S IT GOOD FOR ? Your form here will immediately have an affect on your mental state. Try it. A feeling of confidence and strength in the mind counteracting a defeated slumped inward state not forgetting you will look 2 inches taller !

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