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Breathe out 2022. Breathe in 2023

With every cycle of breath we take, the old moment has gone, a new moment arrives. Letting go of the old moment with the exhale, the person we used to be, to make space for the new moment on the inhale, to welcome the person we are becoming.

Life is constantly changing and just like that the year 2022 has ended and I welcomed in 2023 with a mindful meditation with reiki session. A new year, a new me .. Ta da! (for this moment)

The breath is a curious thing, it does it's thing and we typically overlook it during our daily lives. I would encourage you to bring awareness to your breathe throughout your day (not just when practising yoga) It's an effective tool to anchor yourself back into the present moment, to notice thoughts and feelings and just allowing them to come and go without getting caught up in them or attached to them and without any judgement. I find it helpful in challenging, stressful moments or dealing with negative emotions.

I typically do nasal breathing (apart from when I am running ) and find this way of breathing is most beneficial. My breathe goes right down to my diaphragm (think of a balloon belly ) then filling up my lungs and released back out (the balloon belly deflates) The count of the exhale to match the count of the inhale or make it slightly longer if you can. (count of 4 or 5) You will notice an increased sense of well being if you practice mindful breathing daily, just focusing on the now. Go on, give it a go!

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