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'Blessed are the flexible, they will not allow themselves to be bent out of shape' - Robert Ludlum

I've been told a many of times by new students or suggesting to others to try out yoga.... 'I'm not flexible enough, I can't touch my toes..' True story. I get told this a lot. It's been portrayed everywhere that you'll need a super amount of flexibility to

practice this and here 's the thing... yoga is not just for flexible people – it’s for everyone,

regardless of their ability to flex and stretch their body into a pretzel shape.

It's true, there are advanced yoga poses that does require a great deal of flexibility and it's true, there are variations and a number of different shapes we can offer our students whilst receiving the same benefits.

Know that the core purpose of yoga is not to stretch your body into what you can't get into, it's not about what pose you can or cannot do or how it looks compared to others. That's not it ! Its more about improving your overall well-being and the physical flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination are just byproducts.

Below is what yoga is all about for me and it's what I endeavour to share with everybody who I'll have the honour to guide.

Yoga has had a significant impact on my mental and emotional health, especially mindfulness, which involves focusing your mind on the present moment and just becoming more aware of thoughts, feelings and enabling me to manage these emotions, stress, reduce anxiety, and increase resilience

Breath control or Pranayama... I've been known to be angry, impatient, anxious and stressy at times, and at these moments my breathing becomes more shallow, rapid .. Breathing practice/Pranayama has helped me manage my emotions more effectively by controlling my breath and slowing it down, to calm my mind and body.

Through meditation, you can learn to quiet your mind and cultivate a sense of inner peace. This can lead to an increased sense of well-being and have a more positive outlook on life. So why not? Give it a try.

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