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Are you feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and seeking a calm oasis in the storm?

Thanks for popping by. I'm Tu Chan, aka Chan, Channie, Channers.  A Yoga Instructor, a Professional Hypnotherapist and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner now.....wasn't always.   

I was stuck previously. Stuck in my ways of thinking, patterns of behaviour, old habits. I was  just drifting along or shall I say dealing and trying stay on top of  life, my personal reality.  I no longer suffer with my anxiety of unable to make decisions, constantly overthinking, worrying,  social anxiety or have my old habits of binge drinking, old ways of thinking  as well as many other things.  I'm a better version of myself, thankfully!  I'm calmer, more confident, more in control of my emotions and have built up my resilience. Much of the the changes I can attribute to a daily yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self hypnosis and Reiki practice.


Karma actually means action, work, deed and not fate. Which means, your future is not set in stone, you can change the course of your life right now by changing your actions and patterns of behaviour, habits. Use the tools of yoga,  hypnotherapy and reiki  to transform and  navigate through your journey of life and thrive instead of standing still in the middle of the road.   


I'm on a mission to introduce these practices  and techniques  to everybody, to serve and guide those who are ready and want the change.  I host free  hypno-yin yoga sessions via zoom as well as free group hypnosis sessions.    If you're ready, to take  action, go to my bookings page and book yourself in for a free group session or for a free 30min  consultation or alternatively sign up to as a member to my site so that I can keep you posted on my free offerings.


Encouraging the daily practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness and daily doses of hypnotherapy and reiki to facilitate change.

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Yoga at Home
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London, UK

+44 7535 370 137 

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