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Gökotta - A Swedish term, to wake up early and go outside to hear the birds chirp and sing

Gökotta, I gotta admit, there’s something encouraging and life affirming about this.

In my case, I’ll wake up early to practice yoga on the mat and to complete the Run Grateful challenge, day 2 which is to take a photo on your run/walk and tag @1rungrateful.

Happy to get up early and get that goodness feeling inside me just from moving my body and linking it to breath. I'm keeping my internal systems ticking over, letting it do its work, maintaining the health of my muscles, joints, bones, ligaments and mind. A positive and energetic morning gives me a fighting chance to have a peaceful and productive day ahead.

Thank you my lovely strong, reliable & soft body and thank you to the team at Run Grateful for organising this challenge. Here’s my selfie @1rungrateful.

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